embyou has been developed for people that always strive for their best self

Our experience has signified that those who embrace who they are, would rather get the best version of their true selves. Unlike the common myth of anti-aging, our products are pro aging; Aging cannot be stopped, so why not age gracefully? Embyou is specified for those who adapt to a thoughtful lifestyle and define simplicity and elegance, by investing in their skin.

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At a time when we value diversity and inclusion, beauty has many faces. And you are one of them.

We’re all humans. We laugh, we cry, we work. We fail, we win, we love. We live, we get old, we have fun. And we all matter. There’s no point in trying to look different because there’s simply no point in trying to look like someone else. Let’s celebrate your unique beauty. Let’s embrace who you are.

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Even if we’re all humans, we come in different sizes, genders, ages and colors. That’s the reason why each of our products comes in six different design patterns. So you can pick the color and pattern of your choice which fits your style and makes you feel good.


Sarah has always been called a princess in her family in Geneva. She’s pretty, bright and fun. And she’s not used to getting “no” as an answer. Sarah met a cute boy yesterday, just as she was walking out of school with her friends. They’ve been texting all night and she’s afraid someone might notice she looks a little tired this morning.


Milo is quite the easy-going guy. He’s from Zug but he’s now living and studying in Lausanne. He wants to be an architect. Milo dresses in soft, plain colors and he’s always keeping his nerves. People around will easily trust him because he’s smart and gives interesting insights on all sorts of topics.


Paolo loves to remind everyone that he’s Italian. Even though he was born and raised in Basel. And his wife always jokes about it. She says people would guess he’s Italian just by looking at him anyway. Paolo’s always wearing nice clothes, he’s cheerful and likes beautiful things


Lucia’s a romantic young woman from Fribourg. Quite an introvert, she always looks distracted, like she was living in a distant world and just got lost here. Oh, and she asks a lot of questions as well. She loves meeting different people, seeing other places and making new experiences. Last year, she traveled to India to live a color pigment ceremony.


Kathrin is a super mom. Her calm temper really helps her resist stress. Which is great, because she has to take care of her two kids while working full-time as an HR manager in a bank in Lugano. Every time her ex is having the kids, she goes into the wild for a run. When you’re over forty, it’s important to keep an active body.


Heidi grew up in the mountains outside St-Gallen. At 23, she’s now running her own clothes design business. She’s always smiling and speaking in a quiet, soft voice. Most of her clients think she’s shy, but her friends know that deep inside, there’s a hurricane brewing. One made of emotions, energy and creativity.